: MediaTakeOut.com has on GOOD AUTHORITY that rapper Lil Wayne has been messing with a stripper from Magic City in Atlanta known as Jazmine.

Jazmine likes to post tweets and pictures about being with him. We're told that she's spent the night freaking off with him when he came to Atlanta for his sons birthday party.

She brags to everyone in Atlanta that they are in love and he doesn't care that she's a stripper and that he takes her on vacations. Apparently they have been seeing each other for several years.

Here are some EXPLICIT PICS of the girl . . . for all you PERVS!

Li Wayne is currently ENGAGED to another girl, named Dhea.

Now onto the REAL QUESTION. Now that y'all know she works at Magic City . . . which one of y'all is going to go down to Magic City and get a lap dance from THE LOVE OF LIL WAYNE'S LIFE . . .


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