YOU KNOW WHAT . . . We Are Starting To Believe . . That Atlanta Housewives’ Phaedra’s Husband REALLY DID Smash Kenya!!! (Evidence Inside)

: Last night on the Atlanta Housewives, Phaedra tried to get some ANSWERS to what exactly happened between Apollo and Kenya, when the two met up in Los Angeles.

You'll recall that on last years REUNION SHOW, Apollo blurted out to viewers - in the heat of the memoent - that Kenya offered him ORAL SEX. Kenya, at the time, vehemently denied those claims. Apollo has since BACKED AWAY from those claims

So now fast forward to THIS Season - a few episodes ago. Kenya showed Kandi a whole bunch of text messages that she exchanged with Apollo. At the time, Kandi asked Kenya if she hung out with Apollo in Los Angeles. Kenya's response to Kandi was "Not that I can recall." How the f*ck can you NOT RECALL hanging out with someone's HUSBAND???

Anyways, here's where it gets even MORE FISHY. Last night, when Phaedra questioned Apollo about what happened . . . he FIRST was like "I don't want to talk about it." Then when he realized Phaedra wasn't going to stop CROSS EXAMINING HIM, he admitted that he "saw" Kenya in L.A.

Here is a transcript of the conversation:

Apollo: We were at the party. And then when we left the party [EDITOR'S NOTE - Sounds like he SLIPPED UP when he says "we left the party"], she was at the Beverly Wilshire [hotel], and that's where we met up.

Phaedra: What do you mean, you met up?

Apollo: She was either staying there, or she followed me back there.

Phaedra: Did she proposition you?

Apollo: . . . She didn't just come up to me and say, hey Apollo let's f*ck. You've dated men before, you know when a man is pushing up on you.

If you READ BETWEEN THE LINES on their two stories, it looks like the two of them met up at a party in Los Angeles. Apollo took her back to his hotel, and then if we give Apollo the BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT . .. he changed his mind before something BAD happened.

But we're not sure Apollo DESERVES the benefit of the doubt. . . .

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