: Kanye West is a complete IDIOT - and now he's about to be in trouble with the secret service. This morning - Kanye issued a THREAT to the President Of The United States.

Yeezy is too much of a FOOL to know that threatening the president is A SERIOUS CRIME. So on the Philadelphia morning show 107.9, Kanye did the UNTHINKEABLE.

Given the fact that Kanye sounds like a CRAZY PERSON, and acts very unpredictably . . . we hope the President takes this threat seriously.

BTW - he's no longer talking like a White person anymore . . .

Kanye is quoted as saying:

Interviewer: Just leave Michelle [Obama] alone Ye, leave Michelle alone.

Kanye West: Well, uh, I think he shouldn't mention my baby mama's name, because we both from Chicago. And you know . . .
[He was then interrupted by the interviewer]

Earlier in the interviewer Kanye is quoted as saying that he "Doesn't care if someone is The President." This man is clearly OUT OF HIS F*CKING MIND!!!

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