: MediaTakeOut.com broke the news to you guys yesterday that Drake and Rihanna ARE A COUPLE. Like we said yesterday, that ain't rumor - it's FACT!!!

Well now that Drake has made it KNOWN who his main chick is . . . his many side pieces are feeling SOME TYPE OF WAY. We expect that, in coming days, Drizzy will be PUT ON BLAST by the dozens of women around the country who believe they have a SPECIAL relationship with the sensitive rapper.

The FIRST side chick OUT THE GATE, wanting to put Drake on Blast is Kakey - a popular pornostar. Kakey reached out to us . . . and this is what she had to say about Drake:

This is Kakeyxxx i want to let y'all know me and Drake had sex plenty of times. The first time he did fly me to Toronto i gave him he*d real sloppy (he loves sloppy he*d!) i was suppose to leave the next day but he offered me $15,000 to stay longer.

We had sex all night i even tried something he never did before he claimed he wanted me to s*ck his b*lls and l*ck his *ss at the same time so i did! Sh*t for $15,000 why not.

After i left he kept texting me saying he cant wait to see me again. A month went by he was Busy working on his album he flew me to Toronto to his home about 4 times . I met all his friends even his mom.

He told me i could not f*ck any other rappers he would take good care of me and i agreed to it. He found out i f*cked French Montana and cursed me out badly i still have the texts of him going off he said he was HURT. (Editor's note - LOOOOOOOL @ Drake getting EMOTIONAL over a pornostar)

We got back together around his birthday . We are Working on a relationship he says he doesnt care that i am a Pornstar i just have to respect him only fuck him and whenever he call me i must be willing to come see him.

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