: MediaTakeOut.com just received this report from an MTOer from Atlanta:

I just saw [a woman that looked an awful lot like] Porsha from the Atlanta Housewives coming out of Krogers on Piedmont in Buckhead [Atlanta] and she used an EBT card to make her purchases. I couldn't see exactly what she bought because she was three people ahead of me on line, but it looked like some cereal and some fruits and vegetables. She's eating healthy lol.

Anyways, she pulled out that green card with the peaches on it (the Georgia EBT program card) and paid with it. It was kind of sad too because she must have used up all her money, and she had to go into her purse and use some coins and a few singles to pay the difference.

Don't you know the bag was designer though. LOL.

Porsha girl we hope that wasn't you in the store . . . but if it is . . . ain't Bravo PAYING YOU RIGHT???

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