OOOOOOOOOH SH*T!!! They’re Saying That The Found NEKKID PICS Of Andre 3000 . . . On BIG BOI From Outkast’s Phone!!! (TRUE OR FALSE??)

: There is a crazy rumor over at the very reliable hip hop site We can't BELIEVE that this is true . . . but its on a real reliable site, so y'all can judge for yourselves.

Here is what they are reporting:

OK, I am going to plead BULLS**T on this one, but I’m going to play the game, because people keep hitting e up about it. So, as you are saying how much trash this is, remember that. So, here it is. Basically, you know that Big Boi is getting a divorce from his wife Sherlita Patton. Well, here is the rumor. According to some mysterious deposition today, [a family member] said she saw explicit pictures of Andre 3000 on Big Boi’s phone. The following quote was found on this site.

“The whole world wondering where Andre 3k been …just check Big Boi’s phone. He’s right there, naked.” said [family member].

There’s also a mysterious tweet from [a family member] that nobody seems to be able to find. I sure can’t. But a tweet somewhere that says the following:

“So you mean to tell me he’s gay AND has a tiny–weird penis. I’ma need him to pick a struggle. You might see an Outkast p0rn0 before you’ll see another album”.

Hmmmm . . . .

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Erica Simmons
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Need more proof but won't be surprised if it's true

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I knew that!!!

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Two di cks no bi tch !? #serious sh it I don't believe EVERYTHING...but I can say I wouldn't S H O C K E D ... Outkast 1 OF RAPS VERY BEST DUOS ...EVER no argument there. I'mma hafta look into this ( g@y) rumours BEEN FOLLOWIN goodie mob and outkast since I can remember. Multiple pics of multiple strippers by big boi does nt convince me he's some playa/ stud and love pu ssy sooo sooo much... Makes me think he's tryin to convince himself #howudoin


Tiffani J
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Gotta be false lol. Y'all should checkout thegrandreport, they have some good viral videos on there and more

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I'm sure there is a good reason it is on there, If it's true lol. If you like seeing naked GIRLS check out, Hot college gals, nasty milfs & WICKED s&m!!!

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LOL! Whatava!............. Moving on!

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Is that website as credible as this site MTO????? If so, I'll pass on this one. Stories without any real proof are just opinions. I'm not naïve to what goes on in the world, especially in Atl, but this one I really don't see being likely. These MEN are like brothers! I just don't see it. No named source should = No Story Stop spreading gossip MTO lol

Ms. Kameria
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Don't believe it..... It was claimed that her sister said it. #next


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Dam people is messy as hell! If it is WHAT! Half of these rappers are GAY anyway. BE TRUE TO YOURSELF. Follow me on instragram: ms_angie_2_u

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Everybody knows Andre 3000 is gay, he probably stole his phone and took pics of himself naked to send to his boyfriend lol


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You have to be ONE of THE STUPIDEST MFs on Earth to not see that this is The Act of A Bitter B_tch!!! You mean to tell Me, after all of these decades, all of a sudden Big Boi & Stacks G@y Rumors unfold? Girl just get divorced and quit being messy w/ your PATHETIC A$$. These guys don't even consider themselves Friends; they're more like Brothers!!! I hate A Suppose to be Grown Childish A$$ Yuck Rat B_tch!!! DO BETTER!!! SIGNING OFF FOR THE CITY OF ATLANTA!!!

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i believe it, andre is sweeter that juicy juice!


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All stupid people gtfoh or stop breathing. Only two options for today. Outkast for life...

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That's G@a@ay-Lanta For You!

Mr Purify Santify body
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From outcast came out in the 90,s andrea is all ways wearing women clothes in his videos so that is no surprise to me,,, I have always speclated that andrea is big certified G A Y batiman fish.

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The devil & media takeout is a LIE.....This is the dumbest rumor ever started and all you dummies believing this fake story need to go slit your wrists......#OUTKAST 4 Life you beeyatches! Black people know they love some gay gossip news and be believing it, smdh

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You mean to tell ,me turn up!!!!

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False, tell 3 stacks n big boi that shit 2 their faces. Fall back with that bs mto.

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Nahhh I need proof. I cant see it. It's a rumor that is probably started by a jealous bitter family member who probably asked him for money and he said no.

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I had always thought dre was like that but not big boi! wut the hell is the world coming too?? smmfh

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UHHH NAHH don't tarnish Outkast like that !! & allhiphop IS NOT a reliable source, they about as bad as y'all are. Stawp.

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I absolutely love Outkast nd I can't say that would change if they were gay..but I just don't believe dat