: MediaTakeOut.com broke the news that Amina and Peter Gunz' marriage . . . may have had something to do with her immigration status . . . well now we've got even MORE PROOF.

According to a snitch, Amina was DEPORTED back to Germany two years ago for abusing the Visa Waiver Program. Apparently she lied on one of the forms - after she swore under oath. Our snitch claims that because she lied, she got deported and her visa status got all F*CKED UP.

Now fast forward to today. She's currently MARRIED to Peter Gunz . . . and as such, she is entitled to getting her paperwork completed.

You got all that . . . GOOD. In what is completely UNRELATED NEWS - we were PERUSING through a popular IMMIGRATION message board . . . and found a person with the handle "abuddafly" who appeared to have a similar immigration issue. She's a German national who is a "singer" in the United States who messed up her visa status in the same way as Amina did.

Peep the below discussion, and what "advice" message board readers gave to the user 'abuddafly."



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