: Remember last week on the first episode of LOVE AND HIP HOP NY - when we learned that Peter Gunz MARRIED his side chick Amina over his MAIN CHICK Tara. Well it might all have been FAKE.

Not the marriage to Amina part . . . the MAIN CHICK TARA PART!!

We just heard a rumor that Peter and Tara have been BROKEN UP for almost a year. And that both had moved on with their life until they decided to PRETEND they were back together for the show Love And Hip Hop.

Sounds far fetched - well it's NOT. First of all, Peter was on the radio the other day talking about how he was BEHIND IN HIS RENT and needed to do something to make money. So why not LIE to get on TV and get some $$.

And Tara may seem all innocent - but the chick is a CLASSICALLY TRAINED ACTRESS. Taranasha (AKA "Tara") holds a degree in Dramatic Arts from Jackson State University. She graduated the school with a 3.4 GPA and was a part of the MADDRAMA acting troupe at school. After graduating college, she continued honing her craft and got her MFA from the Actor’s Studio Drama School. Tara currently acts at a local community theater called the House of Tribes in lower Manhattan.

SMH . . . now ain't this some ISH!!!

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