: Barney's and Macy's are in the midst of a HUGE CONTROVERSY in New York. Apparently they were ARRESTING PEOPLE who bought items there . . . just because they were BLACK. In the midst of this controversy - Jay is partnering with both companies, to launch a new cologne in time for Christmas.

Here is what AllHipHop.com is reporting:

According to Women’s Wear Daily (WWD) Jay Z will add his first ever cologne to his upcoming Barneys collection.

The cologne, called Gold went through 3,200 possible names and according to Donald J. Loftus, president of Parlux Ltd., the name was chosen when Jay Z grabbed the cologne and said “This is the sh*t; it’s gold.”

The fragrance will be promoted through a few outlets and intriguingly will feature a Macys window display of Jay Z transforming into a gold chain. The fragrance will be available on November 20th at Barneys NY and then released nationwide afterwards at prices between $39 and $79.

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