: Kerry Washington and Scandal must be to blame . . . cause side pieces are WINNING IN 2013!!

MediaTakeOut.com just got wind that a popular NBA player who is FREQUENTLY ON THE PAGES OF MTO with his celebrity GF is ALLEGEDLY expecting a child from his side piece. The baller's GF is a fave of ours and we fell really bad that she has to go through this . . . BUT here's the tea.

The baller is now telling folks that he and his GF were "on break" earlier this year when the pregnancy happened. We're not sure whether that's TRUE OR NOT, but what we do know is that the baller is waiting until the baby is born and the paternity test is reveled before he comes out and admits anything publicly.

According to our snitch, the woman who is carrying the baller's alleged seed is a Los Angeles mother - who already has a child from one of the Wayans brothers. She's been on Instagram STRAIGHT FLEXING recently - showing off her baby bump to the world.

So why are we making this report a BLIND ITEM? Well the NBA baller dude is ALL IN HIS FEELINGS right now about the mess - so we're not trying to F*CK WITH HIM (His $$ is LONG). And besides, there is NO PATERNITY TEST YET - so for all we know the child ain't his.

Anyways . . . keep waiting y'all cause this story is about to HEAT UP ONCE THE BABY IS BORN. . .

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