: This new season of Love And Hip Hop New York is about to be GREAT. Last season was awful, and we're glad that Mona and em kicked DANG NEAR EVERYONE off the cast. There's a lot going on, but what's MOST INTERESTING is the drama between Peter Gunz, his babys mama Tara, and his side chick/artist Amina Butterfly.

So Peter is a 50-something year old rapper turned manager that lives in a tiny run down apartment with his babys mother Tara. Tara who sounds like she's educated, but doesn't ACT like it, finds out that Peter is f*cking one of his artists - a 20-something year old girl named Amina Butterfly.

Then at the end of the show they DROP A BOMB . . . telling us that Peter actually MARRIED his side chick Amina. That was probably the biggest #WHERE#DEY#DO#DAT#AT# moment on TV in 2013.

Anyways we did a bunch of asking . . . and we have the TEA y'all. Now here is what ALLEGEDLY is being said amongst those in the know. We're gonna use a lot of ALLEGEDLY'S cause we're not trying to get anyone locked up (#NOSNITCHIN#).

ALLEGEDLY Amina is from Germany and doesn't have her papers straight. And ALLEGEDLY she didn't have a working visa. And ALLEGEDLY if she were to somehow get married, her paperwork would be expedited and she could work here in the U.S. - doing shows, etc.

But Amina was in luck. You see her boyfriend who is also her manager and has a FINANCIAL INTEREST in making sure she can work JUST HAPPENS to decide that even though she's the side chick . . . he should MARRY HER.

Ain't she lucky that it worked out that way . . .

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