: MediaTakeOut.com has a BLOCKBUSTER EXCLUSIVE report. Stevie J from Love and Hip Hop is A WANTED MAN . . . New York State issued a WARRANT FOR HIS ARREST.

Now if that comes to a SURPRISE TO YOU - it probably also will come as a SURPRISE TO STEVIE J. You see, he's gonna find out about this warrant TODAY when he reads this report. (Note to Stevie - STAY OUTTA NEW YORK).

Anyways, Stevie has TWO CHILDREN with his ex-girlfriend, a former TOP MUSIC EXEC named Carroll Bennett. Carol filed for child support in 1999, when the couple split. Word is that Stevie, realizing that he was on the hook for BIG $$ ran to Atlanta like a HYENA - where he started a new life. Carol alleges that he's paid little or no child support since that time.

But Carol is not sitting back - she is an EDUCATED woman, who know her rights, and more importantly HER CHILDREN'S RIGHTS. So she's kept up with her paperwork and made sure that New York issued a WARRANT for Stevie J. He is now in arrears for over $1 MILLION. See the papers below.

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