: MediaTakeOut.com just got word of an EXPLOOOOOO-OSIVE scandal going down amongts that cast of the Atlanta Housewives. According to our TOP SNITCH, Kandi's mother is claiming that Todd is f*cking Kandi's OLDEST AND DEAREST friend - her business partner Karmen.

Karmen and Kandi have known each other since childhood. They went to High School together, and Karmen is Riley's godmother.

Now here's the tea. Apparently Kandi was OUT OF TOWN for a few weeks this summer, and Todd was at home with Riley and Karmen. Kandi's mama claims that ALL THE WHILE that Kandi was gone - Todd was f*cking Karmen in Kandi's bed.

Kandi . . . we now UNDERSTAND why you had to choke the SH*T OUTTA THAT DUDE. We're just upset that she didn't CHOKE THE LIFE outta her.

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