: Last week MediaTakeOut.com told you that Kandi will be ACTING A FOOL on the upcoming season of the Atlanta Housewives. As the supertrailer showed, this season Kandi will CHOKE OUT her husband . . . and details of Todd's relationship with a side chick will come to light. Additionally, the couple will be fighting over a PRE-NUP and Todd's relationship with Kandi's mom.

Last week, it got so bad that Kandi had STOPPED wearing her engagement ring - and had POSTPONE their engagement indefinitely.

Well the engagement is not only back on . . . but the couple is MARRIED!!!

MediaTakeOut.com got EXCLUSIVE WORD that in the midst of all the DRAMA in their relationship, Kandi and Todd decided to fly to Mexico and ELOPE. The insider told us that it was a "last minute decision" and that only CLOSE FAMILY and friends were there. Kenya and Porsha were the only housewives that were able to make the last minute trip.

And we were lucky enough to get PICS OF THEIR WEDDING AREA. Kandi, we're told was married in a traditional white gown - not a bathing suit as you see her in the pics.

And we know what you guys are wondering . . .was there a PRE-NUP. According to our snitch there WAS NO PRENUP. Kan

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