: MediaTakeOut.com just got some EXPLOSIVE BLOCKBUSTER INSIDE INFORMATION from that Atlanta Housewives. Remember that "fight" that we showed you screenshots of - where Christopher Williams appeared to be putting hands on Kandi - well there is MORE TO THE STORY.

MediaTakeOutcom EXCLUSIVELY spoke with one of the shows producers who told us that Christopher Williams was NOT abusing Kandi - he was trying to save her fiance Todd's LIFE. According to our insider Kandi and Todd got into a fight and Kandi was strangling Todd - and Todd couldn't get FREE.

Christopher believed that Todd was in SERIOUS TROUBLE and might even be in DEADLY TROUBLE - so he restrained Kandi.

We're also told that Christopher would like it to be MADE CLEAR that he is not an abusive man. He has NEVER abused any women, not his sons mother Stacey Dash, nor his ex-girlfriend Halle Berry.

Oh wow . . . Kandi . . . SERIOUSLY???

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