PRAISE THE LAWWWWD!!! Nekkid Pics LEAK . . . Of One Of The Preachers On The Show THE PREACHERS OF LA . . . And His SAUSAGE Is GIGANTIC!!! (Warning – VERY Graphic)

: Supposedly a former JUMPOFF is upset so she allegedly leaked some pics of Deitrick Haddon from the Preachers Of Los Angeles.

LAWWWWWWWWD . . . that's the kinda D*CK RIGHT THERE . . . that'll have a girl speaking IN TONGUES!!!

To see the UNCENSORED PIC #1 . . . Click here. Warning - It Is VERY GRAPHIC

To see the UNCENSORED PIC #2 . . . Click here. Warning - It Is VERY GRAPHIC

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You can't even tell if its big or not. The shot is too close up...

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I didn't see anything or maybe I clicked on the wrong one

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How did I know that it would be him...smh

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All those veins-NASTY. Who cares how the peen is, when he looks like he's 12 with buck teeth. NO THANK YOU.

Damn shame
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It's a shame that Bravo would even air a show like this.. He is not a true man of God. They exploite the church and themselves by showing how they use the money from the church to support their lavish lifestyle. The lord said beware of false profits!!!!! this is truly a sign of the end of times , pastors exploiting churches, pastors with nude photos on the web showing there penis, having sex with boys, the church is corrupted and it takes Bravo who seems to make most of their money off of making blacks look like idiots !!! I'm shocked that MTO would even show any type of support by even showing his nude picks ??? we all know deep down this show is not right and not of God.. I have been visiting this site for years and Instead of saying how big his penis is maybe should say " look how our so called black pastor relaesed nude pics of himself to the public the pimping in the pool pit needs to stop"

Ms. Kameria
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Not impressed. Anyhoo....

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And say atheist are crazy for not believing...

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Lol I saw Funky Dineva talking about this on Facebook yesterday. Lawd I knew it would be on here today lol. Just messy!!!

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I thought it was gonna be that older man.

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Can it stay hard, though? If it's big and limp, that ain't gonna do nothing but tickle the cooch, I need that dyck to pack power behind the thrusts, then we can sing praises and worship...Hallelujah!

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MTO so bootlegged....I remember reading someone's comment where this story hit FIRST yesterday after ole girl sent HIM these pics and I am convinced that yall b.a.s.t.a.r.d.s troll other people sites for stories! Where did yall credit him for this story?!? RIGHT, smdh. Just ugh

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I am referring to .....but I know yall know that MTO! Ole story stealing!

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How would this picture hurt him again???

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Close up shot makes the thang thang looks BIGGER!

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I knew it would be him as well and it's disgusting .. I knew it would just make non Christians or non religious people have more to say about the hypocrisy found in Christ .. Look at them all smiling like Cheshire cats .. Hungry for that fame .. It's an abomination smh and no I don't dot all my i's or cross all my t's but I'm not leading the flock neither .. DA//mn shame

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These guys get rich off of dumb black women

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How do we kno this is him tho?? That 1st pic didnt tell me anything.... WHATEVA! I guess :-/

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This is why we know Christianity is a cult. it has no basis on truth and that's why most people are unhappy and always feel condemned. Christianity is a cult. Turn to yahweh. Truth shall se you free. The truth is, there was never a messiah named Jesus....that was not his name.....The Messiah came in HIS FATHER'S NAME. His father's name is clearly recorded in the KING JAMES VERSION OF PSALMS 68:4. There is a reason Yahshua said this "New International Version I have come in my Father's name, and you do not accept me; but if someone else comes in his own name, you will accept him." REPENT AND BE SET FREE.

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duped again - by mto. you could lick half the lollipops (skrs) on this site. including me - some times, too.

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lawd...gonna have to lay hands on that....

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These people talk the talk but don't walk the walk. Being a Christian doesn't mean you are perfect. But live the word you preach & sit in the pew for. Hypocrites. People don't apply what they learn in church to their actua life. If we did no child would be born out of wedlock & their would not be daily genocide in our communities

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What is with people and picture taking in the buff. No respect!

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I don't c nothin

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Ooo wee. That's that ish I do like. The Lord truly blessed him.

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His career involving religion needs to be over. I watched with an open mind but dudes just a creep. We all make mistakes etc but he should hold himself to a higher standard. I have a very strong dislike for him and people in the church like him. He's no good and anyone watching the show or even reading about him for more than 15 min can see that!

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Wtf do I need to click on sumthin else???

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Where is tha fuckin picture???

billionaire ed
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See them scars of the bumps that once were. Preacher man had a serious STD

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I don't know who's worse, the desperate azz similac umbilical cords smellin azz dudes or these thirsty down to nothing azz nothing azz broads losing they minds across the internet starving for attn bearing all their sheit owt here for attention and likes. Chain chain chain. Chain of fools.

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Well the man is BLESSED ! But the BLACK church is full of these kinda pics they just hide them bhind those ROBES !!!

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Lol! @Afroc1c...Ain't that the truth! Ain't nothing good about a big limp d**k!

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Ugoin 2 hellll AFROCHIC!!! LMAO..

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It aint even ALL THAT, yall talkin like his shxt look like a midget leg or something

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Get a life who says that's really him? Media is so full of Devilish motives true Christians need to pray and keep praying. God is N Control

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first let me say this we are all not perfect second how do we know its him there is no full proof that this is him there is no full body shot of him so that can be anyone especially with technology now these days it could be anyone not saying that it is or is not regardless this person only wants the fame to be on tv that's why this is coming up just so they can get the attention they want and last but not least who are we to judge yea he maybe a pastor/preacher so what we are not God so who are any of us to judge and the ones who are judging clearly have a lot a secrets that they are still hiding so think before you judge look in the mirror at yourself before you starting pointing your finger God Bless

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Survivorman, You are so RIGHT. All they need is a nice suit, a decent looking face and a couple of bible scriptures.


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The Bible talks about the last days and how false prophets would be on the scene. These are not real men of God. The Bible tells us in second Timothy about the last days. People please repent and give your life to Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. I know I did

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It's not that big, it's just the camera is so close up on it! Stop exaggerating MTO!

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The Bible tells us about false prophets in the last days. These men are not real men of God. This reality show is a disgrace to Christianity. Everyone please pray for the real Christians in the middle east that's being slaughtered for having a Bible. The media won't even talk about that but they will show garbage like preachers of LA on national TV. Second Timothy tells us how things like this will happen in the last days. Everyone please repent because tomorrow is not sure. Please give your life to Jesus Christ our Savior. No one enters the kingdom of Heaven without going through Him

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They all look sweet

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False prophets.

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I knew it was going to be this tooth pick. I guess anybody can be a preacher nowadays because Tue followers are just as blind. That man was not choose by God. He is using the people through the name of God to profiles. Wake up folks, just because someone claim Jesus doesn't mean they know the lord Instagram @Am_mara

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dea honeybrown
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Optical illusions. ..

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these dumb niggas got people fooled but not me! they dont even realize that by being on this show its fuckin up their hussle! Bravo gave them a show but these niggas wanna be celebrities by any means that what they are really doing is allowing the government put a bullseye not only on them but also these other hussle preachers they are going to start getting mega taxed....You ll never see Joel Osteen punk azz on a reality show!

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Wow, this is a whole new level.

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This chick is going to burn!!!!!!!!!! Random azz picture with some random azz dude...biotch, please...And what does she gain from posting these pictures online and you bets to believe that she has now been cut off and it is time for her 15 of fame to be up!!! If I am not having some of that...Why would I get a cheap thrill from these shots? Dumb azz!!!

worldwide treasure
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This is just a picture. There is no guarantee that it's him....

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This site will bleep out cursing but post pornographic pics. Smh

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Mto y'all stupid as hell it ain't even big y'all stories always suck put that dick in ya mouth writers of mto

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Blasphemy.. they claim to be "Christians".. I knew that show was a bunch of BS. I'm sure they all sold their soul to get a fu**ing show. Pathetic.

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really -__- that's it? ughhh

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All of you people are on here quoting scriptures referencing "false prophets" and how these pastors and clergymen are wrong for have lavish lifestyles. But none of you are quoting the scriptures that tell us how God wants for us to live these lavish lifestyles! None of you are quoting the scriptures speaking on how we are "heirs to the promise God gave to Abraham!" None of you are quoting the scripture that states "He came that we might have live and have life MORE ABUNDANTLY!" You guys are also NOT quoting the scripture stating that "MONEY IS THE ANSWER TO ALL THINGS!" So, whether or not these pastors are doing the wrong thing with the money they receive, it is not our job to judge them. If you don't agree with what they are doing, pray for them and move along. People love pointing out wrong in others and quoting scriptures for the things they are doing but never read the Bible to find out how they can live for real. You guys annoy me!! Be blessed!