: Star Magazine just broke a CRAZY REPORT . . . according to them Bruce Jenner has been hiding a secret . . . that he's a CLOSET TRANSGENDER!!

[Kim Kardashian] asked the housekeeper if she'd seen any lingerie, and the housekeeper said it was in Bruce's closet. So Kim went inside Bruce's closet and found tons of expensive lingerie that was all stretched out! She took it all and left. . .

Kim told [Bruce] she had his lingerie. He turned red and walked out. When Kim finally told her sisters, it became a running joke that Bruce wears lingerie. . .

A second source also claims to be aware of Bruce's penchant for women's underthings. "He's always been feminine, so it doesn't surprise me when I found out he was a cross dresser."

Lamar and Kanye need to LOOK CAREFULLY at how Kris is doing Bruce right about now. These Kardashian's DON'T PLAY!!!

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