MTO SUPER DUPER WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE: Ray J Is Releasing A NEW SONG . . . About SMASHING Floyd Mayweather’s GF . . . Called ‘I HIT IT FIRST’ . . . PART TWO!!!!

: just got some EXPLOSIVE information. We broke the news that Ray J was seeing Floyd Mayweather's GIRLFRIEND Queen Princess, well now we got MORE INFO.

Apparently Ray J is not even trying to hide it . . . and he ain't ashamed either. In fact, Ray J went on Instagram yesterday and posted a pic of him KISSING FLOYD'S CHICK and labeled it with the hashtag "LasVegas."

But it gets even better. Remember when Ray J released the song I HIT IT FIRST about Kim Kardashian. Well learned that Ray J will be releasing an I HIT IT FIRST PART TWO . . . this time he'll be talking about Floyd's girlfriend Princess.

We've got PHOTOS below to prove that we KNOW WHAT WE'RE TALKING ABOUT.

Money Mayweather is the homie . . . but we have to express DEEP RESPECT for the LEVEL OF PIMPING that Ray J is spitting at folks.

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