: MediaTakeOutcom confirmed that rapper Big Boi's wife Sherlita has DROPPED her rapper husband. The pair have been together for more than 20 years. They have two children, one 18 and one 12.

Now we love SHERLITA, but we gotta keep it A HUN'NED. Big Boi used to CHEAT ON THAT WOMAN LEFT AND RIGHT. Sherlita did what many wives married to rich and powerful men do, she let certain things slide FOR THEIR FAMILY, and looked the other way.

But everyone has their limit. And Sherlita's was when she found out that rapper BIG BOI may have gotten ANOTHER girl pregnant. And that girl ALLEGEDLY is a skripper. Big Boi already had one child born outside of their marriage.

Note - the pics of strippers with Big Boi below are for illustration purposes only.

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