: Remember back in the day when Amber Rose used to travel the streets with her "sister" - you know the girl who used to STRIP WITH AMBER . . . and used to EAT HER BOX when Kanye was out of town? Remember . . . her name was DEZ and she also dated a bunch of celebs like Mario and Drake.

Well in case you're wondering what type of SCANDALOUS SH*T she's been up too . . . peep THIS.

Last November there was a SHOOTOUT IN THE STREETS of Orange County Florida. According to eyewitness reports, a man named Nelson Vargas shot and killed another man, 20 year old Stephen Thivierge. Police are not clear exactly WHAT happened or why .. . but here is what the streets are saying:

Dez had a guy who had a girlfriend she was talking to (she tatted his name on her lower back) June. And she was also f*cking another guy, well they found out about each other and bc she was being such a hoe telling that she loved them both, the two guys saw each other in a public place an shots were fired.

None of the guys died but one of the guys best friend got shot by accident an was killed on the scene.

Don't believe us . . . well the sh*t made the news and er'rything!!!

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