: This week's issue of In Touch Magazine is reporting that Kanye has basically CHECKED OUT of their relationship - leaving her at home with baby Nori while he travels the world looking for a new place to TURN UP.

Well we got a tip from a snitch close to the situation who CONFIRMS what In Touch is saying. Here is what hey told us:

Kris [Jenner] talked Kim into being with Kanye after the Kris Humphries debacle... Kanye was always an option on the back burner because he was kind of obsessed with Kim.

His eyes are elsewhere now but he cant afford to be seen as a deadbeat dad, asshole, and cheat. He needs to let it all play out because he still thinks he's genius but his career is dwindling and [neither] his personality nor his association with the Ks isnt helping with his career. Hes in too deep though at this point. Cheaper and more pr friendly to keep her.

He feels like he "belongs" with the K clan as they have given him a reason to live at a dark time in his life.

It's actually kind of sad . . .

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