: When LisaRaye was younger, she was best known for sleeping with men for RENT MONEY OR STATUS . . . but she's a GROWN AZZ WOMAN nowadays, and she's taking care of herself. Word on the streets is she's dating her 25 year old co-star on Single Ladies.

Here's a tip from an MTOer who works for Single Ladies:

I work on the Single Ladies set this season, and rumors have been going around that Lisa Raye is screwing around with MUCH YOUNGER actor Harold House Moore. They have even been caught in each other’s trailers.

“House” posted a picture and pretty much confirmed it all. She’s still a ho and has done this to a couple of the young black men that come through, but now she’s not even trying to hide it, so maybe she’s serious about this one.

There’s a picture of them in her trailer and at his house for the Mayweather fight party.

Good for LisaRaye!!!

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