: Oklahoma police say that a man was murdered . . . ALLEGEDLY for leaving a Facebook message on a photo of a RATCHET girl in a bikini, while in her DIRTY home.

Police claim that on July 12, Edmond James Tyree, 48, wrote “damm” on Facebook, misspelling his compliment about the woman's photo. They say that five days later, a gunman killed Tyree inside his apartment.

Police say that he gunman is Antwion Courtez Martin, 20, of Oklahoma City, the woman in the photo's boyfriend. Martin is charged with first-degree murder and shooting with intent to kill. He remains in Oklahoma County jail.

Oklahoma City police detective Ryan Porter is quoted as saying, “During an interview … Martin acknowledged having words with the deceased victim about his comments made about the bathing suit photo.”

The woman was identified in the court affidavit as Sharda Perkins. She posted the photo in June, writing, “Me on my way swimin.”

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