: You know some groupies seen so many d*cks that they forget what they look like . . . but this is the story of ONE GROUPIE who wrote in to MTO:

Along-time friend of mine was actually in the industry. She started off just like me, doing some stripping and whatnot but her goal was to sing. She never made it big but did some background vocals for a few people. She had a few celebrity clients as well, one of the major ones being Kanye.

She messed around with him around the time College Dropout was released. She said the sex wasn't all that and that he was "lacking" downstairs lol. He was definitely into her more than she was him.

Well she ended up seeing him again about 2 years later. They slept together again, and she couldn't help but notice that something was different about him. His d*ck was bigger. I asked her if she was sure and she insisted that his d*ck was a good 3-4 inches longer and had was a little thicker than the first time they had met. So I was like, how's that even possible??

She said it's possible for guys to get "d*ck-implants" and that Kanye definitely got one done!

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