: MediaTakeOut.com just learned of a SHOCKING CRIME. A Washington DC woman named Helen Marie Newsome is being accused of trying to MURDER an 8 year old boy named Jacob Soliz-Amaya. According to the boys father, Andy Amiya who used to date Helen, "she was trying to hurt me the best way possible, and what better way to hurt a parent than to hurt their kid."

Here's what happened. Police say that Newsome, 26, hid in little Jacob's closet for more than 12 hours - waiting for his father to leave for work.

Once she knew the boy was alone, police allege that the 26-year-old RAT then burst out of the closet and began attacking Jacob, who had been sleeping. Marie Newsome allegedly tried to smother the boy. Luckily young Jacob was a FIGHTER. And he managed to FIGHT OFF the monster, by head butting her in the face.

When Marie realized that she would NOT be able to MURDER the 8 year old with her bare hands, she allegedly turned to a weapon - a 5 pound dumbell. Police say the woman bashed Jacob in the head repeatedly with the dumbell. But GOD was with the boy, and he managed to get away, and run to a neighbor's house. Little Jacon was taken to the hospital where he received eight or nine staples in his head.

Marie is being charged with attempted FIRST DEGREE MURDER.

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