NBA SUPERSTAR Kevin Durant GOES CRAZY . . . Blacks Out On A Fan . . . Who Says Some Very DISRESPECTFUL THINGS About His Fiance!!!

: NBA superstar Kevin Durant is very calm on the court . .. but when you mess with the woman he loves - PREPARE FOR HIS WRATH.

One very hateful hater took to Instagram to make a reckless comment about a photo of Monica Wright that KD posted on Instagram. KD Blacked OUT . . . saying that he would find who dude was . . . and come see him OFFLINE.

The commenter said that Monica Wright was really Rajon Rondo in a wig. Very disrespectful.

Good for Kevin . . .

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Stand up guys tend to do that mto

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That was kinda funny,but very disrespectful(shrugs) Instagram @bensarak

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Well then...that's what happens when you cross the lines INSTAGRAM: @LoveAlwaysAjah <Likes 4 likes> I follow back!!!

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people will say anything online. internet thugs.

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She do look a little like Rondo tho lol... but thats someone's fiance... thats odee disrespectful. Dont blame KD for blacking!

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I cant even imagine kd saying that Lolz!

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I love kd hes never in the media for doing crazy stuff and even though he's a great player he dont let the fame and hype go to his head like kobe and lebron plus he from dc:-D mto I'm getting real tired of this automatic refreshing

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Well.... She does kinda look like she could be Rondos twin sister.... :/

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She does look like Rondo.

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she does look like a dude but I dont' understand what was going on there. So much is left out. Social media wars are stupid!

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Jealousy will get you no where fast.

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She just a female athlete... She doesnt look like a dude... He looks like a man and standing next to him she looks like his woman and they make a GREAT LOOKING COUPLE>... Nothing worse than looking at two people that dont even match... Its so horrible to look at famous people hook up with women that you know is only there for the fame and money... If you couldnt pull her broke why in the world would you make her your wife. The sad thing is the public is so accustom to looking at black males with money being with such awkward women and weird superficial relationships.. The chance of having super baller kids are really in his favor. DNA wise thats going to be a hard athlete to match. Super kids... He is a smart guy.. in more ways then one. Athletes are known for being stupid and shallow but that is just a intelligent choice for a companion.

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She is an attractive woman and his choice. I wouldn't have replied like I have to prove it to someone else. I'm glad you think she is ugly now move on. I won't have to deal with you again. He's KD and their kids will be gifted. MTO you ads reset my page over and over will make me stop coming.

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More like dawn from dirty money pretty girl when cleaned all up

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Whoa, uh has anyone here seen rajon rondo? Cause iono but she does favor him a lil bit, at least in the bottom pic, top pic she's highly smashable. Durant on the other hand is one player I took for having some brains, so, seeing him "blackout" on twitter, is kinda disheartening. ps. I don't have a problem with twitter but, I do wonder why they abbreviate twitter with tweet instead of "twit", I guess even people who stay online all day get can get tired of seeing "twits" everywhere they go. ~discuss~

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remember he's still a young asz nicca