MTO EXCLUSIVE BREAKING NEWS!! Jay Z And Beyonce And Justin Timberlake Are Doing A FREE ‘SECRET SHOW’ . . . Tomorrow In Brooklyn!! (Details Inside)

: just got CONFIRMATION that Jay-Z is doing a secret performance in Brooklyn, tomorrow (saturday) at noon. He's doing a surprise performance before the VMA's on the Brooklyn Collective Art Buildings, 421 Troutman Street, Brooklyn, NY. 2 surprise guests - BEYONCE and JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE!!!

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LIES, LIES AND MORE LIES... , 421 Troutman Street, Brooklyn, NY. IS NOT THE Brooklyn Collective Art Building!!!!

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Oh Please! If Justin Timberlake is gonna be ripping Michael Jackson off on stage, then he gonna start Legal Proceedings against Michael Jackson`s Estate to prove his sheete is original.....Then you can miss me with that sheete Cough * Robin Thicke as Sheete* cough

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Everyone's wearing short hair because there is another a big budget movie in the works about the life of Josephine Baker.

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That stripper could be in my home, and I would asked her to scrub the dishes like she sweats and scrubs the floor.


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I doubt it, but luckily my plans dont start til later in the day. I will make a drive thru BK and see whats poppin off.


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Jayz and Beyonce are on their way out, thats all they do is spend time with, kanye, rhianna, JT, because they have no pull themselves.