: There is a new book coming out called Up On Game - which will feature GROUPIE TALES that are all supposed to be 100% true.

Here is an excerpt from the book:

It all started labor day weekend of 2012. I decided to hit up a popular club in Dallas by the name of Privae. I was dressed fresh to death with a goal in mind; tonight I would get me a baller. I met one of homegirls up at the club and about 25minutes of being there a group of NBA ballers walked in. My girl was clearly familiar with the group and knew a few faces, me not so much.

Next thing you know we were getting cozy in their section, pouring up drinks and partying to the loud tunes of southern music. Couple of shots in I started feeling myself and asked my girl to put me on. She introduced me to a fine, tall 6’6″ dark piece of dark chocolate man with nappy dreads down to his back. He was very polite with that southern gentleman demeanor which I instantly fell in love. I didn’t get the impression he was like the other flashy guys in the bunch.

We talked and joked with each other for awhile before we cuddled and laid down to watch a movie. Everyone knows a movie is just a distraction until one of us made the first move. I was very hesitant because it was that time of the month and I honestly didn’t plan on doing anything with him this go around. The passionate kisses returned from the first night we met and I could feel myself getting wet, not just from the blood that was releasing.

I told him it was that time of month and instead of pushing back, he kept at it. He hopped out of bed to grab a towel and spread it out on the bed. This muthafucker had zero shame. Once again, he whipped out his third leg, ignored the idea of a condom and f*cked me hard.

When he pulled out to c*m on my back I looked back and noticed his d*ck was covered it blood. It didn’t seem to bother him at all although it kind of made me feel embarrassed. The room looked like a bloody murder scene afterwards. We both cleaned up and before we went to bed we called downstairs to ask for a sheet change.

I didn’t even want to see the face of the room maid when she saw the after effect of what appeared to be a massacre.

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