: MediaTakeOut.com reported that Khloe and Lamar SEPARATED . . . but Kris Jenner SHOT DOWN our report. Well ONCE AGAIN . . . we told y'all so!!

The carpet in the background of the image is an exact match to what is featured in the guest rooms at The Garden Inn Hilton in Calabasas, Calif., where it was suggested last week that Odom had moved, from the couple’s marital home in Encino.

Momager Kris Jenner even boldly declared everything was fine and suggested, “Khloe and Lamar are absolutely not getting divorced.”

But Khloe’s tell-tale slip up — posted hours after her 20-minute hotel visit — confirms our July 11 exclusive report that the devastated reality star has exiled her husband.

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The only proof that these pictures suggest is that they were both in the same hotel at THE SAME DAMN TIME and even that's a stretch. They could be working on their marriage through a trial separation for all you know, that does not mean they are divorcing.

Fiya $ 702
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Wow great proof lol

Cathy A. Nisbet
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Chill out y'all. Another site has a picture of his benz parked outside the same hotel. Besides, that's where he should be park. When will these fools learn about attention seeking groupies?

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I'll give yawl credit, because yawl REALLY be trying .......

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Oh Well, guess all that whilte puuzzy he was getting wasnt enough, and Khloe looks like she;s a beast in bed, smh guess he's just not satisfy. Nothng better than pu3ssy than new pu3ssy.

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Why couldn't he have been visiting? Where is the confirmation that she kicked him out?

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That family is notorious for covering up flaws, and they will do anything to keep that cash flow. I'm not shocked that Lamar cheated. What's shocking is how STUPID their fans are.

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@UglyShirtAuthority. They got some dope shit.

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r u kidding me lmbo....please let hem ppl alone....vs.smokestackmodels.com is bringing you sexy girls

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Just because they have having marital trouble doesn't mean that they are divorcing. They are taking time apart and working on their relationship. It's a very mature and responsible thing to do. Lord knows that many people need counseling to work on their relationships be it - dating, marriage, family or friends. You only learn more about yourself and either decide to move on with the relationship or move on without each other. Good for them

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Can we just find out the truth already! Are they or are they not getting divorced?! Follow me on instagram and I'll follow you back. :) Just got a brand new one rmcastillo20

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This is no proof. Who cares anyway

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Shiz happens in a marriage, it's hard work. Being in the media doesn't help . Itiswhatitis

Clay Davis
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Who gives a F**K. This trick knew what type of dude he was.