: MediaTakeOut.com received a tip that earlier in the week, a Black man was found HANGED FROM A TREE in a park in Jersey City, NJ. According to our insider, who has INTIMATE KNOWLEDGE of the incident, there are "SOME LEADS" to suggest that this may have been a RACIAL ATTACK and a LYNCHING, but that police are chalking it up to a suicide.

Given everything that's happened with TRAYVON MARTIN and all the CRAZY TALK on FOX News and the radio, police really should give this a FULL INVESTIGATION.

The park is just a FEW MILES away from New York City. If there are RACIST LYNCHERS on the loose in the NYC area, police should really FIND THEM QUICKLY!!

To see the UNCENSORED pic, click here - WARNING it is VERY DISTURBING!!!

. . .

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