: K Michelle likes to talk all that 'empowering women' mess . . . but she's been BUSTED 'empowering' herself . . . with another WOMAN's MAN!!!

MediaTakeOut.com learned that K Michelle's new NBA BF Lance Stephenson has a PREGNANT babys mother named Feby. And we're not talking about no LATE TERM PREGNANCY EITHER. For all practical purposes, Lance KNUTTED IN HER THE OTHER DAY!!! The girl is only 2 and a half MONTHS . . . and he's alleged to have been dating K Michelle for THREE MONTHS!!

If you do the math . . . that pretty much means that K Michelle SNATCHED Feby's man. Oh, and we hear that MONA AND EM who are filming Love And Hip Hop NY as we speak . . . likes this new storyline for K Michelle. And they're filming the drama RIGHT NOW!!!

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