: LeBron James spent the weekend with his boys in TORONTO as he celebrated CARIBANA. He was also there having his "BACHELOR PARTY" . . . and he's celebrating with HEAUX!!

Here is one report from a woman ON THE GROUND:

LeBron's friends were actively recruiting girls at the Caribana parade today for an afterparty at Thompson Hotel. I wasnt interested because he will probably only smash and dash and all his friends are ugly and non-athletes. But Savannah girrrrrl, he is not playing with these Canadian chicks. If anybody is in T.O Thompson tonight is where you can catch LeCheat.

And another:

We ended up going to LeBron's "Not so private party". I say that because everybody and they momma was on that rooftop. LOL.

They had people looking thru our photos making sure we didnt take pics of Lebron. Saying that we couldnt leave unless they made sure we werent sneaking pics. One Asian chick tried to snap a quick photo of LeBron and got kicked out. Amir Johnsons fat azz best friend was in the corner shouting "Dont be that girllll"

LeCheats posse was trying to have an AFTER AFTER party. [Drake] ended up leaving in his bugatti with a harem of chicks as did LeCheat. The ratio of women to men was astounding

Now while ain't no DIRECT EVIDENCE of LeBron cheating . . . it's HELLA CIRCUMSTANTIAL!!!

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