: MediaTakeOut.com just received word that Florina “Flo” Kaja from Oxygen's Bad Girls Club was LOCKED UP . . . for PRESCRIPTION DRUG FRAUD.

Here's what popped off. Flo checked herself into a New Jersey hospital last week, using a FAKE NAME. According to police she then got a HOSPITAL BRACELET and tried to use the bracelet to get some PRESCRIPTION PERCOSET PILLS from a nearby CVS drug store. Wow - is it THAT serious??? You gotta have a SERIOUS problem is you gotta do all that to get some PERCS.

Anyways, the drugstore people called the police when they say Flo appeared to be DRUNK OR HIGH. Police came and realized that Flo was committing a fraud and they arrested her. Afterwards, they found a bunch of pills in her car when they searched it.

Look at her pic . . . she looks like one of them AFTER pics of people on CRYSTAL METH!!!

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