MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Meet The Man Whose JAW Keyshia Cole’s Husband BROKE . . . Boobie Must Have A STRONG Left Hook . . . Cause Dude Got A BIG JAW!!!

: got MORE info on the FIGHT that occurred between Daniel BOOBIE Gibson, and a man . . . at Essence Festival. reported yesterday that Daniel BOOBIE Gibson BROKE a man's jaw - who said something about 'RELATIONS' with his wife Keyshia. Well we NOW have more info on the matter.

According to a TOP SECRET SNITCH that worked at the festival and SAW EVERYTHING - the man made a JOKING COMMENT that was innocent in nature, and Keyshia Cole OVERREACTED. The tipster explained, "He was trying to compliment her, but Keyshia started ACTING UP. . . Then Boobie came out of nowhere and hit dude TWO TIMES. CRACK CRACK . . . and broke his jaw."

Sounds like Keyshia and Boobie were out of hand . . . but gotta give Boobie credit. He must have REAL HANDS to break THAT DUDE'S JAW!!!

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