: Yesterday news broke that R&B singer Keyshia Cole's NBA husband was arrested in New Orleans - and charged with BREAKING A MAN'S JAW at Essence Festival last month.

Daniel spoke to TMZ and explained the situation:

Boobie says Keyshia was performing at the event ... when some guy approached her and spouted off some very "disrespectful" comments toward the singer.

Boobie says an altercation broke out and "safety was threatened" ... so Boobie says he "needed to take action."

Despite the allegations against him, Boobie says he did nothing wrong -- adding, "I have nothing to be ashamed of or hide."

( See full story here )

Well MediaTakeOut.com just got a TAD BIT of EXTRA info on the matter . . . and it's a lot more JUICY that this. We're trying not to say TOO MUCH - cause we ain't trying to get DANIEL LOCKED UP (#TeamNOSnitch#) . . . but we heard from a snitch that the DUDE that Daniel allegedly put hands on said something about having 'RELATIONS' with Keyshia. And that he was not a STRANGER either.

And lets just say that given WHO dude was . . . it struck a nerve with Daniel.

Developing . . .

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