: MediaTakeOut.com just got an AMAZING news tip. Remember a few months back when TMZ ran the report that Kim and Kanye released FAKE BABY PICS - to "test" their real friends. The report said that Kanye and Kim sent friends "fake" baby pics - to test and see if they were loyal - and when the friends tried to SELL THE PICS, Kanye and Kim told the buyers that the pics were FAKE!!

Well we just heard from a FAIRLY RELIABLE SOURCE (so this is GOSSIP) that one of those "fake" pics . . . was actually REALLY NORTH. According to our tipster Kim and Kanye KNEW the pic would be released . . . so they concocted the RIDICULOUS "testing their friends" report and fed it to TMZ.

The pic that we're told is REAL . . . is the one below.

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