: You know how ALL THE TV NEWS PEOPLE try and PRETEND that there is NO EVIDENCE that George Zimmerman was racially profiling Trayvon - or that he's a RACIST . . . well that is BULLSH*T!!!!

MediaTakeOut.com UNCOVERED an OLD MYSPACE PAGE that George Zimmerman had, where he let his REAL FEELINGS BE KNOWN in his "ABOUT ME" about how he felt about CRIME and MINORITIES.

Zimmerman goes on a DISTURBING RANT about crime - and MEXICAN-AMERICANS. The RACIST Zimmerman explains how he "gets knives pulled on him by EVERY Mexican he runs into" - does THAT sound like racial profiling to you???? Oh and et this,

We're not sure why the prosecution is not bringing this up, or why the TV NEWS people are pretending that it didn't exist.

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