: MediaTakeOut.com just got some EXPLOSIVE NEWS - Rasheeda's husband Kirk is trying to send his mother in law to PRISON . . . for DESTROYING his prized motorbike - a $7,000 Yamaha YZ 250.

You see a few weeks ago, after Miss Sherlene realized that Kirk was cheating on Rasheeda she got angry - and DROVE HER TRUCK over Kirk's prized new bike. (You'll see this on next week's episode of LAHH).

Anyways, according to a snitch, Kirk applied to the INSURANCE COMPANY for reimbursement for the motorbike. But before the insurance company agreed to pay, they made him FILE PAPERS AT THE POLICE STATION on the bike's destruction. We're told Kirk went to the local station, and filed VANDALISM CHARGES against his mother-in-law. And because the bike is considered a TOTAL LOSS - the vandalism charges are a CLASS B FELONY.

Police have not yet FORMALLY SET OUT to get Miss Sherlene - they're investigating. But the charges that Kirk is trying to put on her, get her a MINIMUM of one year in prison and a MAXIMUM of 5 years.

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