: MediaTakeOut.com learned that the HOTTEST RAPPER right now, French Monatna was arrested in Paramus NJ - and hit with a number of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CHARGES.

Here's what we know. French arrived at his ex-wife's house to pick up his son for a scheduled visitation. An argument BROKE OUT between Frenchie his ex and another family member, and as a result of the argument - some type of altercation occurred. We can't say what happened, so we're going to LEAVE IT AT THIS!!

His ex called police and after she told her side of the story, police took down her statement and later - an ARREST WARRANT was issued for the popular rapper. Frenchie turned himself in, and later was released on bail.

This is a MediaTakeOut.com EXCLUSIVE REPORT. No one else is reporting it (not even the local Paramus press) so anyone who USES OUR REPORT must credit us.

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