: We're not sure whats going on out here in these streets. With all that MOLLY and BATH SALTS . . . people are losing their dang minds!!

Here is the report courtesy of the local

John Caldwell, 23, and Ginyear Jones, 23, are both charged with injury to a child. On Saturday, police were called to a home where a baby was transported to Texas Children's Hospital.

The 14-month-old baby's grandmother had picked her up from a motel and brought her home, where she called 911. Prosecutors say the one-year-old girl suffered numerous broken bones, bite marks all over her body, cuts on her feet and hemorrhaging to her eyes. . .

The toddler died at Texas Children's Hospital on Sunday, according to authorities. Both suspects could face upgraded charges to capital murder, pending autopsy results. Prosecutors say Jones was the baby's mother, but Caldwell was not the child's biological father. Both remain behind bars.


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