: Jay must REALLY be feeling himself. He's already BLATANTLY disrespected Christianity with his lyris in the past. But now he's taken to disrespecting ISLAM.

You know how Jay Z has a ton of nickmanes - like Jay Hova, Hovito, Young Hov etc . .. well now he ALSO goes by something else . . .

MediaTakeOut.com spoke with someone who HEARD Jay's entire album . . . and Jay's about to cause a STIR!! In his new song "Oceans" featuring Frank Ocean Jay calls himself by a new name . . . "MUHAMMAD HOVI." Hovi is short for "Jehovah" or God. And Muhammad is the Islamic prophet.

So let us get this straight . . . Kanye is "Yeezus" and Jay is "Muhammad Hovi" . . . wow!! He better watch himself though . .. those Muslims don't play when you mess around with Muhammad.

UPDATE: Jigga KNEW he was going to cause some DRAMA with that lyric - so he BLACKED IT OUT when he released the lyrics publicly.

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