: Slack jawwed Olympian LoLo Jones started RECKLESS TWEETING yesterday - blasting the star witness in the Trayvon Martin case, Rachel Jeantel - the friend Trayvon Martin was speaking to on the phone before he was killed.

Rachel has been taking a lot of heat from folks, but before we GO TOO HARD on the girl remember this . . . she's NOT a celebrity, and she didn't ASK to be dragged into one of the biggest cases of our day. She is just a regular girl, who may have some flaws, but is trying to do the right thing . .. make sure her FRIEND TRAYVON'S KILLER is brought to justice.

LoLo and her big jaw having azz needs to stop talking about somebody being Madea . . . cause from where we sit . . she looks more LIKE A MAN than Rachel.

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