: Here is a report from one of our MTOers:

I just LOVE MTO so I had to write you and tell you what I witnessed. I was in East Atlanta on a Saturday night not too long ago and saw a white Phantom parked outside of The Graveyard Tavern. I assumed it was Rocko's because everybody in Atl knows thats his car.

Well I went inside Graveyard and sure enough he was in there playing pool. He was really cool and laid back and was most definitely caked up with an asian chick. I mean they were kissing and everything, taking pictures, holding hands. I was surprised to see him that affectionate but my girlfriend I was with told me she had seen Rocko with that same chick at another club in Atlanta.

So I took some pictures that night too and went online to check for them and spotted his pic. I wanted to ask for a picture with him all night but he was so involved with his pool game and that girl I didn't ask. I wonder if it's his new boo lol. Just that I'd share this tea with my favoriteee blog!!

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