MTO LOVE AND HIP HOP EXCLUSIVE: One Of The Love And Hip Hop Girls Just GOT ENGAGED . . . And We Feel Like Jumping Through The Screen . . . And STRANGLING HER!!!

: just learned that Love And Hip Hop star ERICA agreed to get back together with her child's father Scrappy. And not just get BACK TOGETHER - the engagement is BACK ON!!!

You see, Scrappy's P.O. forced him into rehab for weed (LOL). While he was in rehab - Erica was there for him, holding him down. So what does the man FRESH OUTTA CONFINEMENT do . . . proposes to Erica. And she said yes.

We really WANT these two to work out. But the COMMON SENSE in us tells us that Ericas A FOOL for taking him back.

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