: It appears that Chris Brown has a new chick that he's DEALING WITH . . . her name is Blair . . . one problem - she's one of Karrueche's FRIENDS.

So why do we speculate that she's dating Chris - well, there are just TOO MANY COINCIDENCES. First, the streets have been WHISPERING about Chris and Blair for a minute. But what really got our ears PERKED UP was when she flew into Los Angeles on Friday - the same say that Karrueche was flying to MIAMI for some club appearances.

If you look at Blair's vine video and her tweets, she's clearly been staying at Breezy's house - and chilling with Chris' dogs.

The problem is that Blair and Karrueche are friends. Peep the last pic - which shows the two playing around. Karrueche is playfully pretending to LICK Blair . . .

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