: MediatakeOut.com has learned that Floyd MONEY Mayweather is a single man again . . . his engagement with longtime fiance Miss Jackson has been "SUSPENDED INDEFINITELY"

What happened? Well according to our insider Floyd did not feel that she was FULLY COMMITTED to being his wife. Floyd and many people close to him believed that she was more interested in USING her relationship with Floyd - to jumpstart her career as an actress. For example, Miss Jackson had been using his private jet multiple times a month - to fly to Los Angeles for acting auditions.

Anyways - Floyd did not DUMP THE GIRL completely - he's making her PROVE HER WORTH. Basically Floyd put the chick ON PUNISHMENT!!! In that regard - Money Mayweather has taken back ALL THE JEWELRY AND THE LUXURY CARS that he gave her (including her engagement ring) and is giving her time to "prove to him" that she is worthy of being Mrs Mayweather.

Oh . .. and all of this is going to be FILMED for Mayweather's new Showtime Reality Show


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