: MediaTakeOut.com just got a WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE - Stevie J got secretly MARRIED to Joseline Hernandez last week - in Puerto Rico.

According to a friend of the family, Stevie flew Joseline and her entire family to the island so that the pair could get married. The pair, along with Love And Hip Hop producers made everyone sign a CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT to make sure that the details of their wedding didn't leak.

The insider told MediaTakeOut.com, "They wedding was nice, but there were cameras everywhere and it was staged." At one point we're told that producers even INTERRUPTED THE WEDDING CEREMONY - and had the minister STOP THE VOWS, so that they could shoot a better angle of Joseline.

But as staged as it was - it was 100% legal. These two are officially HUSBAND AND WIFE!!!

This ain't no rumor y'all . . . it is FACT - and as of this morning, his babys mother MIMI DOESN'T KNOW ABOUT IT. So she's finding about Stevie's new WIFE at the same time y'all are. And as you can imagine . . . she's NOT GONNA BE HAPPY about this!!!

This is a MediaTakeOut.com EXCLUSIVE report. Any blog/news organization that doesn't give us credit for this report is guilty of PLAGIARISM. We work extremely hard to break news, and re-reporting it without giving us credit is STEALING!!!

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