: You ain't gonna believe this . . . but MediaTakeOut.com just spoke with a WELL PLACED INSIDER . . . that told us that actress/model Daphne Joy has been hiding the fact hat she GAVE BIRTH LAST SEPTEMBER . . . to a healthy baby. And she's been keeping the birth of her child a secret from all her fans.

What's interesting about this is that Daphne is the LONGTIME GIRLFRIEND (although the split up for a minute) of rapper 50 Cent.

Pics of Daphne looking PREGNANT surfaced early last summer - at a Floyd Mayweather fight that took place in May. No one saw pics of Daphne (other than her face) for the ENTIRE SUMMER. Daphne UNCHARACTERISTICALLY did not post ANY body pics for the entire summer. Then, in the fall - she began posting again.

We're told that she had the baby in September.

No word on whether 50 HELPS HER AT ALL . . . or whether the baby is in fact his. But we can tell you that the two of them are STILL TOGETHER IN A RELATIONSHIP!!!

Developing . . .

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