: Lookie what we got. A popular pseudo-celeb POP OFF that has been FEATURED on MTO in the past sent us this lil note. It's about an "encounter" that she had with rapper DRAKE.

It's VERY disappointing . . .

I had sex with Drake and I wanted to put his conceited ass on BLAST. I would write you a long note but it is worthless.

He wanted to look at himself in the mirror the whole time and he asked me to lick his a*s. So basically he wanted me to start from the bottom.

And last but not least once he explodes it is over …..He is a selfish lover. So ladies if you waiting back stage it ain’t worth it !

Wow . . . and given the fact that Drizzy AIN'T PACKIN' AT ALL. ( See pic HERE ) We're gonna have to give him a 2 OUT OF 10 on our D*CK SCALE!!

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