: When Mama Dee SWORE that she'd get her son SCRAPPY to dump his THEN-FIANCE Erica, and get him to propose to SHAY . . . we were like HEEEEELZ NO!!!

But MediaTakeOut.com EXCLUSIVELY learned that momma got EXACTLY what she promised.

As we reported about a month ago, Scrappy and Erica BROKE UP. But there's more. Scrappy kept his CLOSE PERSONAL FRIENDSHIP with Shay going.

And this past weekend . . . SCRAPPY PROPOSED TO SHAY!!!

Don't expect to see a ring just yet. You see Scrappy's LOVE AND HIP HOP checks are being GARNISHED by Erica - who put him on SUPPORT. So Scrappy didn't have the FUNDS AVAILABLE to buy her a ring yet.

But that won't be for long. We're told that Momma Dee has promised to LOAN SCRAPPY the funds to buy Shay a GORGEOUS RING.

Congrats to the happy couple. It was a very UNORTHODOX way that they got together . . . but LOVE ALWAYS FINDS A WAY!!!

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